Who We Are

. a place where magic is retrieved; where being lost means being found and vice-versa .

e x t a n t a t i o n  is a space in the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai where conversations on art occur from a critical and poetic perspective in the form of events and happenings; where discourse on postcolonial, gender, community issues and their relevance in South & South East Asia is developed as well as a continuation of the Asian + diasporic dialogue in the cultural field.

Focused primarily on the ephemeral, we organize performance events, focused on but not limited to Performance/live art, experimental dance and music. As a collective, out of urgent necessity on both personal and professional levels, we form this platform where the question of artistic knowledge production and the role of the artist in society as well as the art world can be contextualized and discussed. Furthermore members of marginalised communities – whether or not artist – find space here to share their stories and express concerns.

We are a place for the extant, the forgotten, the marginalised, the uncategorised, the invisible, and for the ones in-between. Hence, we invite artists who are in a state of constant flux; who do not belong in well defined categories; experimental and ritual/folk performers; Women; trans* (as in gender), queer, working-class, artists/activists/writers/communities; people with disabilities; those who are dispossessed, disempowered and displaced: to create, perform, speak and dialogue at
e x t a n t a t i o n.

e x t a n t a t i o n  was formed in August 2016 and opened its doors to the public on the 17th of March 2017. The physical space consists of a large event space, an installation/screening space, an AIR studio, 2 AIR bedrooms, a common kitchen, an office, and an outdoor multifunctional space.